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A picture of Clarinne Tham. A Vancouver-based UX/UI designer

Hello, I'm Clarinne 👋

I'm a Vancouver-based UX/UI designer on an exciting journey into the world of human-centered design. With a solid foundation in psychology and over 4 years of research experience, I'm not just designing interfaces; I'm decoding user behavior like a design detective! 🔍😄

My previous roles involved working with diverse groups, including special needs children, individuals in crisis, and those facing mental health challenges. These experiences turned me into a true "em-path" and ignited my passion for designing with diversity in mind.

Currently, I'm designing user experiences at (an agency) where I work on a multitude of UX/UI projects for websites and mobile app. Collaborating with cross-functional teams in both Agile and Waterfall environments, my focus is on creating human-centered designs that not only delights our users, but also drive business success.

Outside of my 9-5,

I'm a huge foodie

I'm also a perpetual learner  📚 , always seeking opportunities to expand my skillset and stay current with industry trends. My commitment to improvement, strong communication, and endless curiosity make me a valuable asset for teams creating impactful, user-friendly designs.

If you're seeking a designer with a sense of humor and a passion for crafting user-friendly experiences, let's connect 🤝 and chat 💬.

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